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Meet The Team

Rachel Catherine

        Owner & Lead Designer


Flowers: Blue Tweedia/Forget-Me-Not/ Juliet Garden Rose/Stock/Ranunculus/Lily Of The Valley/Lilacs.. too many more to name.

Animal: Little fat birds

Wedding Color Scheme: Neutrals

Aesthetic: Lightly structured bohemian

Accomplishment: My son, who is growing up to be an empathetic, kind boy & building a successful business with a $500.00 investment.
TV Show: The Tudors, Fake or Fortune?, Antique Roadshow, ANY Documentary, Versailles
Music: Iron & Wine, Damien Rice & of course, my former bride - Wren Wilder!

Goals: To make our footprint even smaller by having more couples allow us to grow their flowers, and/or source them from local farms that are free of pesticides.

Career Goals: I hope we continue to get more and more clients who give me/us full artistic control - those weddings consistently come out the best!

What was your favorite wedding to work on?: Blue & Soft Peach

Pets: Monkey & Banana - cats!

                    11 years of experience

Kimberly Anne

Lead Designer


Flowers: Roses/Iris/Starfighter Lily/Jasmine/Lilac/Gardenia 

Animal: Kittens

Wedding Color Scheme: Deep red roses... with anything, although my preference is with antique hydrangea, veronica and variegated ivy.

Aesthetic: English Garden

Accomplishment: My children, of course...Seeing my book hit #1 on amazon with hundreds of positive reviews... or realizing I could go to Barnes & Noble to buy a copy of it.
TV Show: Sopranos, Versailles, The Tudors, anything with Gordon Ramsay.
Music: VNV Nation, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen & Stevie Nicks.

Goals: To do a stunning monochromatic white wedding at the ultimate NYC venue.
Career Goals: Write another book & continue to do beautiful events.
What was your favorite wedding to work on?: Burgundy & blush with hundreds of brass candlesticks and taper candles.
Pets: Two beautiful, mysterious, independent cats, KiKi and Patrick.

26 years of experience

Lucas Slater

  • Fabricator

  • Installation Specialist

  • Delivery & Setup.

Favorite Flower: Lavender

Elizabeth Anne

  • Wholesale Coordinator
  • Design Apprentice

  • Delivery & Setup.

Favorite Flower:

Connor Logan

  • Moral Support & Cheerleader
  • Workshop DJ

  • Professional Broom Operator

Favorite Flower: Light Blue Delphinium