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About Us

      We’re so glad that you are giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our artistry.  We want to do more than offer you the customary opening line offered by every other event florist.  We hope that you take the next step with confidence, and if you need some encouragement, we urge you to read our reviews, look at our photos and videos*, our awards and the publications in which our work has been featured. After doing so, we hope you realize that we have risen to the top of our demographic by honoring every vision and every budget. 


      We invite you to take the next step and contact us – we cannot wait to usher you into our unique and custom world of design and aesthetics that will not just fit your event, but will memorialize it in the minds of your guests. 


     We have never oversold or coaxed a client to spend more money than they have budgeted for decor, and we will not allow any couple or business to stress over last minute up-charges…you don’t need that, and we don’t work that way.  While many event florists will only meet with clients that have a budget minimum of over $4,000.00 or $5,000.00, we understand that not every event needs the number of stems that would warrant such a large budget. We are happy to design florals to fit every type of celebration, whether it be an elopement or a 500 person affair.

Get in touch with us today, and let this be the first step you take in a stress-free journey leading to an apex of beauty and perfection.


*All of our photos & videos are of actual events, and not styled shoots... behind every photo and video is a happy client that left a review. We also wish to note that all of our events are managed and designed by the designer that you deal with throughout the planning process. We have never (and will never) subcontract work out! We are extremely hands on, and your designer touches every element delivered to your event.